G-Dragon, Jennie, and Dispatch have been dating for a year. What’s the age difference? What’s your company’s position?

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2009 First Melon Music Awards Album of the Year Award

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I’ve been dating GD Jenny for a year. Is that’s true?

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It has been reported that G-Dragon of Big Bang (real name Kwon Ji-yong, 32) and Jenny of Black Pink (real name Kim Jenny, 24) are dating.

On the 24th, entertainment media Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jenny from YG have been dating for a year.

According to Dispatch, the two enjoyed a date at G-Dragon’s Hannam-dong penthouse.

G-Dragon’s penthouse is known to have to go through various authentication procedures from entrance to elevator boarding, so it is the best place for secret dates.

Jenny registered her (YG) carnival at Giddy’s villa and frequented it.

Jenny passed through the main gate without a separate authentication process, entered a private parking lot, followed by a private elevator to the penthouse, according to the media.

I heard that the relationship between JD and Jenny was an open secret within YG.

First of all, Jenny’s manager is in charge of ‘Riding’.

They say they drop Jenny off and bring her home, but sometimes her manager takes over.

“There are quite a few people in YG who are aware of their relationship,” Dispatch said, referring to their close aides. “Jenny’s mother knows about their relationship with Giddy. “I appreciate your special care.”

What’s your company’s position?

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“It’s hard for the company to confirm the artist’s personal life,” YG Entertainment said. I ask for your understanding.”

They are sticking to the same stance that they did not deny or affirm when rumors of their previous romantic relationship broke out.

However, YG Entertainment has expressed its position that most rumors of a romantic relationship, except in the case of Big Bang’s Taeyang, are “unable to confirm their privacy,” which is interpreted as having nothing to do with whether the two are dating or not dating.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon had previously been rumored to be dating Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara and actor Lee Ju-yeon from the group After School, and Jenny was reported to be dating the group EXO Kai.

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